Is Your Scalp Aging Prematurely ?

Our face and scalp are born with the same characteristics. If you have oily skin, the scalp should be oily too. If you are prone to face acne, your scalp will likely suffer from red rash easily too.

However, the aging speed is different as they are located on different areas of your body. Your scalp directly connects with your hair and is on top of your body; therefore more exposed to damaging UV rays; heat and pull damage from blow-drying; detrimental chemicals from perm and color etc…. Therefore, your scalp ages 8 to 12 times faster than your face.

Though the scalp ages faster, most people focus more time and money taking care of their face rather than their scalp. They neglect the fact that scalp ages faster than the face and will require more care and effort.

Is your scalp giving out early warning signs of aging? Let’s do a self-check!

  • Frequent itchy scalp problems
  • Often tie your hair taut or with a tight ponytail
  • Recurrent red rash on the scalp
  • Large scalp dandruff
  • After shampoo and blow dry, scalp still exudes an unpleasant smell
  • Scalp secretes excess oil
  • Significant hair loss when shampooing and combing your hair
  • Hairline progressively getting higher over the years
  • Hair gradually losing volume, not as thick as 5 years ago
  • Dry and dull hair
  • Prefer not to blow dry hair after shampoo

If you checked 5 or more of the above warning signs, your scalp is aging prematurely and urgently need your care.

Your scalp is one of the thinnest skin of your body and is very sensitive and inclined to allergies. Research has found that the scalp is the second most fragile skin, second only to the skin near our eye.

We always assume that the shampoo and hair product we use causes our hair to be dry and frizzy. However, this may be due to the scalp condition. Diet disorder, stress, lack of sleep, natural damage from sun or acid rain and chemical damage from perm or color, will speed the scalp aging process, giving you warning signs like excess oil secretion, dandruff, dry scalp, hair loss and unpleasant smell.

The effects of scalp aging is more than that. The scalp is an attributing factor to losing face elasticity. A wrinkle on your scalp may result in 4 wrinkles on the face. Scalp care is one thing you need to put more attention on. Do not let your scalp affect your face.

To put it simply, we do not wait for our face to feel dry before putting on moisturizing cream or masks, we adhere to our facial skincare regime every day before problems occur. Make the same consistent effort to your scalp, not just when it is itching, irritated or losing hair. We should care for it every day like we do to our facial skin.

Last but not least, a balanced lifestyle with healthy diet and keeping stress levels in check is the key to youthful beautiful skin and scalp. Care for your scalp every day and don’t let it reveal your actual age!

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Nov. 17, 2017

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